Uromastyx | Captive Care Overview

Uromastyx, Spiny-tailed Lizard, or Mastigure as some may see these members of the Agamidae family called are increasing in popularity as of late. This is both alarming and gratifying for me; this is my favorite lizard. I have enjoyed the Uromastyx species since I first arrived in the private sector of reptile keeping over a decade ago now. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Uromastyx species


Whether you find them sold as Dabb lizards, Spiny Tails, or Spiny Tailed Agama, etc. They are lizards which deserve if not demand a special place within the ranks of any Saurian fan. They can be found in the northwestern territories of Africa and as far east as Pakistan while the furthest south they have been found is Djibouti. Looking at a world atlas the Uromastyx seem to be found mostly in the desert areas however there are a few species which occur within the montane regions of Africa. All of the species inhabit very arid areas of the world. Even species that are recognized as a mountain species occur within the range of extremely arid areas. This genus is believed by some to show their best colors at body temperatures above 100┬░F.