Always Read the Small Print…A Reptile Story

This is a special guest post from Dave L. Johnson. Way back when I first started keeping reptiles I became instantly hooked on the hobby and in the space of a few months I soon had the start of a collection amassing. I had a few snakes but my real passion was lizards as interacting […]

Chameleon Calamity | A Keepers Story

My current veiled chameleon is a male I have named B. A. Baracus due to his antisocial attitude and his apparent wish to be a Velociraptor. In all fairness though, due to the substrate kept on in the shop I acquired him from he had reason to be grumpy I guess.

Canada Reptile Breeders Expo 2012

Canada Reptile Breeders Expo 2012 has invited our own John F Taylor to be a guest speaker this year! John will be speaking regarding the Uromastyx species and not only their captive care but he will also be speaking about the taxonomic revisions which have recently taken place elevating some subspecies to whole species and […]