Freshwater Turtles

Soft shell Turtles in captivity By Marc of Lil RES Q

Soft Shell Turtles Authored by Marc Ouellette So you’re thinking of adding a Chinese soft shell turtle to your collection. You’ve seen them in stores and at reptile expos, majestically swimming about in their aquariums. They are unique looking and you decided it’s time to bring one home. Well if there was ever one species […]

Red Eared Slider Captive Care

It seems that there was a real boom in the sale of this particular species during the 1960’s and into the seventies. This was all cut short in 1975 when the FDA enacted Title 21 Chapter 1 subchapter L Part 1240 subpart D section 1240.62 which essentially says that any turtle under a carapace (shell length) of 4” cannot be publicly distributed.