Leopard Gecko Breeding Part 6 | Egg Laying and Incubation Part 2

Leopard Gecko Breeding | Egg Laying and Incubation Part 2 Authored by Ron Tremper of Leopard Gecko Infertility Poor nutrition, not male sterility, is the leading cause of infertile leopard gecko eggs. In all my years, I rarely have proven a male was the reason for infertile eggs. If you are experiencing the frustration of getting […]

Tremper Albino

Leopard Gecko Breeding Part 2 | Breeding Biology

Authored by Ron Tremper Leopard Gecko BREEDING LEOPARD GECKOS Follicle Grading Every week, we get asked, “How do I know when to put my geckos together?” And indeed, that question is very important and one that we want to teach you the answer to. To understand how to determine the best time for introduction, you […]

Vorax vs. Marginata | The Herpetocultural Identity Crisis

Authored by Ryan McVeigh Marketing Brand Manager Zilla Reptile Supplies Vorax Geckos and the elusive truth Recently, a friend came to me with a question. He had been to a local reptile show and had picked up a gecko labeled “Vorax Gecko.” He believed it to be mislabeled, because a true Gehyra vorax gecko is […]