The Risk of Sanctuary

As I sit here, I have been thinking of the risk of sanctuary (I won’t say where, I don’t want to scar my audience with visual imagery) those closest to me know where I get the most sanctuary. This piece is really not about sanctuary however, it’s about risk. There are so many risks we avoid in our daily lives; usually the risks we avoid are those which could cause harm.

Then there’s the other risks. Those which could potentially cause harm, we fear those as well. Not to be cliche but just waking and walking from the bed (in my case a sofa) to the bathroom is quite inherently risk laden. My cat could get underfoot and I fall hitting my head on the corner of the coffee table. I could accidentally electrocute myself by fumbling for the electric razor by trying to catch it before it falls into the sink of water.

Yes those are very unlikely events to happen, yet they could and have to other individuals. We avoid risk out of fear for our ‘safety‘ and well-being. No one wants to experience pain, suffering, or anything else but happiness. Fact is, if you’re a sentient being on this planet you will experience those things. Then again, if you don’t take the chance to step out of the warmth of that comfortable bed, you won’t experience life.

So it is we come to 2013. Some opportunities have presented themselves, some I have created for myself to increase my service to the industries I work in. Others have literally fallen into my lap so to speak. To that end, I will be disconnecting for a couple of weeks here this month from everything and traveling abroad. I will be investigating some of those opportunities which have arisen. Essentially, the decision is made. However, as with any new adventure there are some minor details which need to be attended to and those two weeks that I am abroad will be infused with finalizing the needed ‘loose ends’.

There have been many people asking me about what has happened, how am I doing this, and why?

The facts are simple, I am not happy where I am in life. In order to change that I need to change numerous things in my life starting with location of where I lay my head every night/morning. The how, well, fact is, I have evidently and obviously been lucky in my pursuits and they are coming to fruition. Why? Same reason you wake every morning, I have to. I have to pursue my dreams, hopes, and desires.

Last of all numerous people want to know for whatever reason where in the world I am actually going? I’m traveling to the Maritimes specifically New Brunswick in Canada. This brings me to a point which I feel the need to cover. Some of those that are closer to me than most have asked why in the world would I leave where I currently reside California? Stating immigration, work, and other obstacles which I will encounter. Others have simply said without blinking an eyelash; best of luck and I got your back.

Fact is this, stolen from Curtis Armstrong in his role as Miles in the film Risky Business.

“You wanna know something? Every now and then say, “What the fuck.” “What the fuck” gives you freedom. Freedom brings opportunity. Opportunity makes your future.”

So here and now…I am saying it loud and proud for the world to hear me (lion roar)

‘What the fuck?’

I’m grabbing with both hands the dreams and opportunities that have presented themselves and I am not letting go. With that now known, will change happen within the Reptile Apartment Group? Absolutely.

I, with the massive assistance of a very few dedicated people and you know who you are have built this organization from nothing into one of the largest resources of reptile captive care and news information available today. So yes, there will be some changes; nothing that will impact our audience directly except to improve their enjoyment of our work.

So with this said, I and the future/current staff of RAG look forward to a prosperous 2013 bringing you the very best in herpetoculture and herpetology that will ever be available on the internet. Stay tuned here and future details will be released.