10 Questions to a New Reptile Pet!

So the time has come and either you or maybe your child has suggested it is time to make an addition to the family of the “Inhuman Kind”. Now, before you go off running and screaming, I can help you. Answer the following 10 Questions to a New Reptile and I’ll guide you to the best reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate pet best suited to you and your family. 

Picking your New Reptile or Invertebrate Pet

Question 1:  Do you want the new pet to have legs?

If yes, look into Lizards, Arachnids, Amphibians, or Testudines.

Question 2: Do you want the new pet to have four legs?

Then I would suggest looking into Lizards, Amphibians or Testudines.

Question 3: Do you want the new pet to have eight legs?

Skeleton Tarantula courtesy of Scabiesgroup.com

Here you would be looking at Arachnids.

Question 4: Do you want the new pet to have more than eight legs?

In this case you’d definitely be looking into either Millipedes or Centipedes.

Question 5: Do you want to handle your new pet?

If this is important to you, I suggest Snakes, Lizards, or Arachnids. These are all pets that can be handled to some degree.

Question 6: Is it important that your new pet be active during the day?

Milk Snake

This again opens the door to all the genre covered here.  Snakes, Lizards, Testudines, Arachnids, Amphibians, and even the Millipedes and Centipedes.

Question 7: How much room do you have available?

If you have a smaller space then I would recommend that you look into the smaller species of GeckosSnakes, Arachnids, Amphibians as well as Centipedes and Millipedes.
Question 8: Are you willing to feed bugs to your pet?

A lot of the species mentioned here in this site are known as “insectivores,” or bug-eaters, whereas others are “herbivores,” such as Testudines and Millipedes. The vast majority of snakes are carnivores.

Question 9: Are you willing to feed rodents to your new pet?

If you’re willing to feed rodents, then the first thing I mention is that rodents should only be purchased as frozen and then thawed completely before feeding. You should never feed a live rodent to your pet, as this can cause injury, or even the death of your animal. 

Question 10:  How much time per week are you willing to dedicate?

All pets have requirements which must be met to remain healthy in a captive environment.

The time dedication to these animals can be anywhere from an hour a day to a few hours a day. Please make sure that you are willing to dedicate the time that is needed to maintain your newly acquired pet prior to bringing it home. You’ve already taken the first step by reading this site. I encourage everyone to do even further research, and read more than one book prior to bringing your pet home.