Amphibians | What They Aren’t

Authored by Christina Miller RVT, BSc, of Companion Animal Hospital, Canada. They aren’t reptiles: The awesomely unique world of Amphibians Amphibians are actually a unique group of animals, quite different from the reptiles they’re commonly categorized with. Amphibians seem to get the shaft when we’re casually talking about herpetology. Often “lumped into” this group, with […]

Mouth check of a Chameleon

Herp Health Checklist | Choosing a Healthy Pet

Authored by Eric Roscoe of Madison Area Herpetological Society  Herp Health Checklist Reptiles and amphibians, collectively known and referred to as “herps” or “herptiles”, are perhaps among the fastest growing segments of the pet industry. According to the most recent American Pet Products Association statistics for 2015-2016, there are well over thirteen million reptiles alone kept in households across […]