Prescription for Leopard Gecko Captive Care

Prescription for Leopard Gecko Captive Care is written by two professional herpetoculturists with over two decades of experience shared between them. In this first release they share with the audience the all of the tips and tricks that so many top breeders hold as trade secrets. You’ve read the care sheets and magazine articles but […]

Reptile Apartment Group Launches R.A.G.S!

Contact: John F Taylor                                                      For Immediate Release Cell Phone: (619) 647-0487 Email: REPTILE APARTMENT GROUP LAUNCHES THE R.A.G. STORE The Reptile Apartment Group reveals R.A.G.S. to the Herpetoculture […]

And the Cascabel will Fall Quiet…

Rattlesnakes were described by many cultures prior to the English invasion of the New World and were known by some Spanish and Portuguese explorers who likened the sound of the snakes tail when vibrated to that of a bell. According to Klauber this erroneous notion came from the English translation of cascabel which is the […]

Crotalus viridis helleri