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Some of you may have heard, most of you have probably not. Today is another day and example of the community not policing itself as it should. Global Captive Breeders owned and operated by Mitch Behm located in Lake Elsinore, CA was raided this evening by animal control officials and local Sheriff’s offices. They were acting on information (video) that was garnered by an undercover operative of the animal rights activist group known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

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We here, at Reptile Apartment, have often asked and promoted the industry policing itself and calling out the ‘bad apples’ that were known to other breeders and tonight’s raid is a perfect example of why this needs to happen. We all want to enjoy our privileges of owning captive reptiles in our homes. Some individuals in our community breed these amazing animals to provide those who are interested with the opportunity to own these reptiles and amphibians and invertebrates. This privilege comes at the high price of responsibility. Not just to the community of humans that want to keep these animals but to the animal itself being held in a captive environment.

According to sources, PETA is filing charges against Global Captive Breeders. It is not known at this time what those charges will be. I personally spoke with *Brad Chambers, snake Curator for Ron Tremper’s Center for Reptile and Amphibian Propagation,

“A lot of the trouble the hobby is experiencing we brought on ourselves.”

This is something that we have been saying for quite some time; most of the problems that we are experiencing have in fact been brought on us by the inactions of those we are doing business with. We participate by buying and promoting companies and individuals that don’t hold up to the ethical standards of herpetoculture. Numerous groups have tried and sadly failed to promote responsible herpetoculture practices and were in fact chanted down by the community at large because the ‘community’ doesn’t want to be ‘policed’. The fact of the matter is, if we don’t police ourselves properly the government will be forced to do so from the pressure which will be directly applied by the animal rights activists and the general public that they will garner support from.

So now with this incident upon us, I ask you, our readers this;

“Is it time yet that we begin policing our own, or shall we wait for those who would have us not own any animal at all write the legislation for us?”

*Authors Note: Brad Chambers is in no way affiliated with Global Captive Breeders.

Here is a follow-up from a local newspaper Global Captive Breeders Raid

4 thoughts on “Global Captive Breeders: Policy of Prevention

  • George Makay

    This is the issue, in the UK for example it is illegal to live feed any animal to anyones pet snakes or reptiles, they have to be humanely euthanized first. In the USA the culture amongst snake and reptile owners is to live feed. This breeds a viewpoint that small animals such as mice rats guinea pigs rabbits squirrels are valueless.

    Youtube is absolutely saturated with videos, often set to death metal music of small animals dying slow agonizing deaths as they are filmed being crushed and suffocated.
    The snake and reptile ownerd are often heard screaming and cheering as this spectacle plays out. The video is then posted on Youtube for the lurid entertainment of those that love this kind of thing. One I saw and reported was absolutely horrific, 2 teenage boys kicked a baby rabbit about their bedroom like a football, they threw it against the wall, laughing their heads off, it was obvious its back legs were broken and the screams of the terrified animal entertained these vile pieces of human filth.

    They eventually threw it onto the floor of the tank and because it could not run away they prodded it with a coat hanger towards their pet for it to slowly suffocate it.

    When I raised this with leading adult members of the live feeding community on youtube they leapt to the defense of these teenagers and I was met with a barrage of obscenities.

    Thousands of pet owners in the Uk manage to successfully raise healthy snakes and reptiles of every variety without live feeding, i’ve heard all the “oh but my snake wont eat anything other than live. Well RETRAIN IT.

    It is my opinion that the American psyche is such that it thrives of pain and suffering inflicted on small live animals it is deranged and vile

  • Cameron lamb

    Very good point John, We all know PETA will find whatever hole they can to get into the reptile world. I think as reptile keepers/breeders/sellers we have to draw a line when it comes to animals well being. Based off what I have seen at the local reptile expos Global Captive Breeders, definately needs to have some higher standards for the animals being sold.

  • John F Taylor Post author

    I have never personally dealt with them. The last show I saw him at he did say was his last show and never heard anything more about him until tonight. Sad to hear that you had such an experience as that Christina but appreciate your candor and input here.

  • Christina

    After seeing his table display at a show I must say he got what was coming to him. I personally seen a baby carpet python with so much mouth rot it couldn’t shut its mouth and when I pointed it out to him, he just said oh moved it where people couldn’t see it as clear and went on with his buisness.

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