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Wow…Wild Horse Vs. Burmese Python!

In this corner…weighing in at 1000 pounds and at 15 hands high, wearing the brown fur with black mane…the wild horse! And in this corner…weighing in at 200 pounds and at 18 feet long, wearing the brown and beige scales…the Burmese Python! When people are out driving and they see a wild horse, they pull […]

Wizard of the Python Ban

Wizard of the Python Ban The reptile industry and reptile enthusiasts throughout America are under a barrage of legal attacks against our hobby, businesses, and passions. One of the biggest changes in recent times is the addition of 4 constrictor snakes to the Lacey Act which restricts interstate transportation with severe consequences, destroying businesses and […]

Global Captive Breeders: Policy of Prevention

Some of you may have heard, most of you have probably not. Today is another day and example of the community not policing itself as it should. Global Captive Breeders owned and operated by Mitch Behm located in Lake Elsinore, CA was raided this evening by animal control officials and local Sheriff’s offices. They were […]