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Microclimate: OLED Dimming thermostat review

Microclimate: OLED Dimming thermostat review Authored by Pete Hawkins: Chameleon Network Bearded Dragons Network Snake Network Gecko Network Amphibian Network Voted winner of Reptile Report’s Readers Choice ‘Lizard Personality of the Year’ 2016 I Have been extremely lucky to of had this Microclimate OLED dimming thermostat for testing over the past few months. The only […]

OLED Side/front view

Praying Predators: Mantids in the vivarium

Praying Mantid Natural History Praying Mantids are a fascinating group of predatory insects, in my opinion the praying mantis makes an awesome choice of pet. Even for those who don’t like ‘bugs’ can often be persuaded to enjoy the antics of mantids. A praying mantis, or praying mantid, is the common name for an insect […]

cleaning mantid