Leopard Gecko Breeding Part 2 | Breeding Biology

Authored by Ron Tremper Leopard Gecko BREEDING LEOPARD GECKOS Follicle Grading Every week, we get asked, “How do I know when to put my geckos together?” And indeed, that question is very important and one that we want to teach you the answer to. To understand how to determine the best time for introduction, you […]

Lizard Bearded Dragon Pogona sp

World Lizard Day | Celebrate on August 14, 2014

World Lizard Day is always celebrated on the fourteenth day of August. The very first celebration of World Lizard Day is unclear, but it’s celebrated by herpetoculturists, conservationists, and herpetologists worldwide. Pet shops also celebrate World Lizard Day by educating their customers about these wonderful exotic pets. The Delaware Museum of Natural History celebrates the […]

Of Dads and Geckos: A Personal Story

Of Dads and geckos is a story about my dad and his first gecko encounter. It’s a story which I will never forget as long as I live. Warning: This article contains language that is not safe for work and may offend some people. So if you are easily offended please stop reading now. Somewhere […]