Poison Dart Frog

Amphibians | What They Aren’t

Authored by Christina Miller RVT, BSc, of Companion Animal Hospital, Canada. They aren’t reptiles: The awesomely unique world of Amphibians Amphibians are actually a unique group of animals, quite different from the reptiles they’re commonly categorized with. Amphibians seem to get the shaft when we’re casually talking about herpetology. Often “lumped into” this group, with […]

San Diego Reptile Super Show 2010 2

It’s a cold blooded paradise; the San Diego Reptile Show has once again come to the San Diego Concourse, the creatures mentioned above are all safely tucked away and packaged into cups and enclosures.

Poison Frogs & Their Vivaria

These diminutive creatures (very seldom more than five centimeters) are found in Central American and South American rain forests. Their diet in the wild consists of ants, termites, small spiders, and other small insects. These incredible frogs are diurnal and require little as far as care and maintenance. If you were considering a vivarium I would personally encourage anyone to obtain these animals. As they will make a great addition to and add colors to your lushly planted tank.