Colored Lights & Reptiles | Myths the pet store told me

Colored lights don’t belong within herpetoculture. The band Guess Who wrote the lyric ‘colored lights can hypnotize’ for their song American Woman. When writing those lyrics, I’m sure they never intended them to refer to the world of herpetoculture. They may have been referring to some type of mind altering substance but they weren’t referring […]

Field Herping | A Night in the Anza Borrego

Within our first hour we saw approximately 4 DOR species in various numbers. We were quickly becoming convinced all that we would see would be the inevitable DOR snake or lizard. We paused shortly after entering the area known as Scissors crossing at some rock outcroppings hoping to find the desert rosy boa Lichanura trivirgata gracia while we didn’t find those, we did come across one of their prey items; the desert kangaroo rat Dipodomys deserti we couldn’t photograph the little rodent peering up at me through a crack in the decomposing granite boulder where it was hiding because our photographer left the camera in the car! I assure you it was an oh isn’t that cute moment, all I could see were two large somewhat bulging black eyes peering up at me begging me not to eat the body they were attached to.

Las Vegas Reptile Expo 2011

“They’re gonna give daddy the Rainman suite, you dig that?” That line rolled through my mind as we sped across the desert heading to the Las Vegas Reptile Expo this past weekend. I think at least once I did the whole “Vegas baby! Vegas!” We arrived somewhere around 2 AM and pulled into the parking lot of what we thought was the hotel that our Multi-Media Manager had talked to previously.