Veiled Translucent Chameleons

Chameleon Calamity | A Keepers Story

My current veiled chameleon is a male I have named B. A. Baracus due to his antisocial attitude and his apparent wish to be a Velociraptor. In all fairness though, due to the substrate kept on in the shop I acquired him from he had reason to be grumpy I guess.

Las Vegas Reptile Expo 2010

At about an hour into the drive my auditory senses were ravaged by what is probably the number one driving song I have ever heard. Golden Earring’s Radar Love had me pounding the wheel into submission and singing like I was an American Idol throwback. You know the ones, they couldn’t sing if their life depended on it, but they sang anyway. Yeah I was that guy.

Thankfully, somewhere in the lucid hours of the drive I got some coffee into me and it perked me up slightly but I was still driving from sheer force of will not to be late. We had an appointment at 10:00 AM at the Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino.