Pogona vitticeps

Water, & our Bearded Dragons

Authored by Pete Hawkins: Chameleon Network / Bearded Dragons Network / Snake Network / Lizard Network / Amphibian Network Water &┬áBearded┬áDragons As you may or may not know, Bearded Dragons are native to Central Australia. So with just a quick Google search you have all the info needed at your fingertips regarding the natural habitat. […]

Drinking via a dripper

Hatchling Bearded Dragon

How to Tame Your Dragon! Bearded Dragon Captive Care 1

All of the Bearded Dragon species are included in the family Agamidae which includes other popular species such as Uromastyx, Chinese Water Dragons Physignathus cocincinus, and even the Frilled Lizard Chlamydosaurus kingii. In the genus of Pogona, there are a total of 7 species.