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“My main goal is to educate people living in small environments, primarily apartments, on the unique challenges of keeping a reptile or insect. There’s an alarming lack of actionable data on this topic and a lack of information or an abundance of misinformation is impacting the quality of life for reptiles and insects everywhere,” says Taylor.

The Ultimate Reptiles for Apartment Living III

To these enclosures I also add two separate hide boxes, one on the cool side and one on the warm side as this will allow the reptile to choose its own comfort level when it comes to temperature.

Heat “The Goldilocks Principle of Herpetoculture”

This “misinformation” could be derived from packaging which is the manufacturers fault. But the blame is not solely on the manufacturer. The consumer should also be held responsible as it should be their priority to research products prior to buying them. Some blame should be placed on the sales person of the stores that carry such products and who do not properly inform the buyer prior to purchase.