Potential Amphibian Ban! Emergency Radio Show!

Listen to the EMERGENCY RADIO SHOW NOW! Just got the following via email yesterday from USARK ALERT: DEADLINE Public Comment Amphibian Listing! DEADLINE Thursday December 16, 2010 The deadline for the USFWS public comment period regarding the the listing of ALL Amphibians on the Injurious Wildlife list of the Lacey Act is NEXT Thursday at […]

Poisonous Snakes and Science!

As I stated earlier in my Venom overview piece there is a large difference between Venom and Poison. This is a fact which the reporter failed to look into as they state “poisonous species of amphibians and reptiles inhabiting Bulgaria” and “Sofia presents the most interesting poisonous snakes.” There are NO poisonous snakes never have been and most likely never will. They then make a statement referring to data regarding the lethal dose for humans. For those who are unaware this is typically attributed to what is known as the LD50 study which means exactly this. A toxin is given to a certain amount of lab animals typically mice when it comes to snake venom. When enough toxin is injected to cause a 50% death rate you get the LD50 result.